A Brough legend is reborn.
Limited Edition - 188 Made.
The Lawrence

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Lawrence / Black

Lawrence / Satin Carbon with Bronze Touchpoint Detail

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The most luxurious dual seat motorcycle in the world

Lawrence is the ultimate 21st century pillion motorcycle. Its luxurious aesthetics were inspired by the sleek, flowing curve of the traditional Bedouin dagger used by Lawrence of Arabia – the man who helped bring this brand its legendary status and who also inspired this eponymous motorcycle. This revolutionary, hand-crafted, custom two-seater features a revamped retro design that is an ode to the brand’s past. Designed for two riders who want to share in their passion, primmed to hit the road with their adventurous partner. This motorcycle exhibits superior quality, down to the last screw, thanks to the exceptional knowledge and skill used for its traditional artisanal production. This new model represents a major milestone for Brough Superior. It is handcrafted by the finest artisans and incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and innovative materials. Lawrence is a customizable, high-end pillion motorcycle that can be tailored to its future owner’s specifications.

A tribute to the most adventurous and iconic Brough Superior devotee, the Lawrence pillion motorcycle was created in an extremely limited-edition series of only 188 models in celebration of T.E. Lawrence’s year of birth – 1888.

Lawrence Technical Specifications

Seat Height
997cc watercooled dohc 88° V-twin four-stroke with four valves per cylinder and composite chain / gear cam drive
94 mm x 71.8 mm
102bhp (75kW) at 9600rpm Euro 4 Homologation
Maximum Torque
87Nm (64lb-ft) at 7300rpm
Compression Ratio
11 : 1
Electronic fuel injection with Synerject ECU and 2 x 50 mm Synerject throttle bodies, each with a single injector
Tank Capacity
17 L
Multiplate oil-bath clutch with hydraulic operation
Machined Titanium frame with Titanium subframe
Front Suspension
Fior-type fork CNC machined from solid aluminum with twin articulated triangular titanium links and Preload and rebound adjustable mono-shock with 120mm travel
Rear Suspension
Pivoting swingarm CNC machined from solid aluminum in engine crankcases, with mono-shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping and progressive rate link with 130mm travel
Head Angle / Trail
24.6° with 108.3mm trail via 37.1mm fork offset
Front Brake
2 x 320mm Beringer Stainless Steel discs with 2 x two-piston Beringer radial calipers
Rear Brake
1 x 230mm Beringer Stainless Steel disc with 1 x two-piston Beringer radial caliper
Machined aluminum wheels (7 spokes)
Front Tire
120/70 - 19’’ on 3.50 inches
Rear Tire
200/55 - 17’’ on 6.25 inches
Weight / Distribution
200 Kg (410 lb) split 50/50