May 2020 – Australia and New Zealand Brough Superior Newsletter

May 2020
Welcome to the May 2020 issue of Brough Superior News.
Our first newsletter.

The intent of this regular edition is to highlight as many Brough Superior happenings as possible during the past weeks and months.

We welcome reader submissions and also the open sharing of this document, to help build the interest and allow the great brand of Brough Superior to live again with current owners and those that have always aspired to ownership.

Brand Launch
It is with great pleasure that the Australian and New Zealand importers for Brough Superior, launched the new models during May 2020.

These are obviously trying circumstances, with the current economic constraints and other issues arising from COVID-19, but we hope this will give you all a little cheer.

Brough Superior is back and available for delivery into Australia and New Zealand!

2020 Model Range and Price List

  • SS100 – $105,000 (Euro 3)
  • SS100 – $110,000
  • Pendine Sand Racer – $105,000
  • Anniversary – $168,000
  • AMB 001 – $185,000

(All prices shown are $AUD plus on road costs)

All new Brough Superior motorcycles come with a two year, unlimited distance, parts and labour warranty.

Roadside assistance and extended warranty are also available.

There is a great website created at two addresses.

In addition, a regularly updated Facebook page can be found at:

As well as Instagram on:

Also, the factory has a site at:

Fantastic Research
In March we were contacted by a very enthusiastic and extremely professional individual from the HOG Chapter of NSW, Mr. Sergio Celotto.

Sergio, over many days, created a fantastic review of the Brough Superior brand that was a great read and a credit to his journalistic skills.

I would welcome all readers to read this great article. Please click the link below.
Fantastic work, Sergio!

We will be featuring and highlighting similar contributions in the coming issues.

Brough Superior Collections
Many readers will be aware of museums and fortunate owners that have a Brough Superior on hand.

We would enjoy the opportunity to see any images or hear any stories you may have.

At we have the ability to share the joy of the older models with all readers.

We appreciate your treasured machines may be in need of some confidentiality, so exact details on owners and locations are completely optional.

Contacts for Sales Enquiries and Freelance contributions:

2020 SS100, shown here in non-standard colour option.

In the Next Issue of Brough Superior’s
Australian and New Zealand Newsletter

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