Brough Superior returns to Australia and New Zealand

Iconic motorcycle manufacturer, Brough Superior are returning to the Australian and New Zealand markets for the first time in nearly eighty years.

Brough Superior were originally marketed by their creator, George Brough as “The Rolls Royce of motorcycles”, which certainly described best their commitment to quality and design. They were seen as the epitome of luxury and power on two wheels.

From 1919 to 1940, only 3048 motorcycles bearing their name were produced at their Haydn Road plant in Nottingham, UK.

They cost close to a year’s wages for the average person at the time, making Brough Superior the bike of choice for the rich and famous.

Brough Superior were technological jewellery, assembled using skilled workers wearing white gloves, destined for the discerning and well-heeled riders of the day.

They enjoyed many famous owners, such as T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia), Orson Welles and also George Bernard Shaw. They were truly designed to appeal to the distinguished gentleman and lady riders of the time.
In the 1920’s and 1930’s various examples of Brough Superiors set the world land speed record, showing they had performance to match their visual style.

Today, pristine original examples can change hands for close to a half a million Australian dollars, making them even more desirable as an addition to the best garages and museum collections.

And so, it is with great pleasure that Brough Superior Australia announce the availability of the 2020 Brough Superior models, available for immediate purchase. BROUGH SUPERIOR TODAY
In 2008, English motorcycle enthusiast and restorer, Mark Upham acquired the rights to the Brough Superior name and the first new model in 73 years was shown off in 2013, at the famous EICMA show in Milan.

Brough Superior Today

In 2008, English motorcycle enthusiast and restorer, Mark Upham acquired the rights to the Brough Superior name and the first new model in 73 years was shown off in 2013, at the famous EICMA show in Milan.

The bike was the prototype SS100 and it was conceived by leading French designer, Thierry Henriette.

The new models are made in Toulouse, France at Boxer Design and all componentry is sourced from the highest level of supplier in each segment, with many vendors working in the aeronautical field.

Brough Superior Range


A classic sports motorcycle in the unmistakable profile and style that is Brough Superior.

Powered by the smooth and powerful 997cc, 88 degree V twin engine that has become synonymous with the new Brough Superior range, the SS100 is a cross between a café racer and a traditional sports motorcycle.

The SS100 has timeless styling and is likely to become the most popular model in the range. Only 300 units are planned.


George Brough won a famous beach race at Pendine in Wales, with many Brough Superior victories recorded at Pendine with other famous racers in the following years.

This new Pendine Sand Racer model pays homage to those victories with a very unique and contemporary take on a modern Scrambler styled motorcycle.

The Pendine Sand Racer will make a fantastic choice for a weekend ride but allows the owner to keep riding when the tarmac ends and the adventure begins.


The Anniversary was created to celebrate the centenary of Brough Superior.

An exceptional motorcycle, inspired by both the SS100 and Pendine models, the model will be limited to just 100 numbered examples.

A bike like no other, it represents the finest motorcycle available, with ample performance and truly timeless styling.

The Anniversary is an immediate classic, a collectible, a must have for the person that desires the finer things in life.

This bike should be viewed as an investment. An investment in the finest motorcycle available, that will only appreciate in value and desirability. 

AMB 001

Truly breathtaking in every respect.

This ground breaking creation is a collaboration with arguably the most famous British sports car brand, Aston Martin who are now celebrating their 107th year of production.

Also limited to just 100 units worldwide, the AMB 001 uses a turbo charged version of the Brough Superior V twin engine and a unique chassis incorporating composite materials for both function and style.

This motorcycle is by far the most powerful and potent model to ever bear the Brough Superior name and is likely to be another immediate classic.

The AMB 001 is a no compromise, racetrack or closed circuit motorcycle that will be thrilling to ride, or simply to admire in the finest garages and displays.

Surely, the AMB 001 is a bike that George Brough would have loved, as it carries the Brough Superior genes for breaking new ground and creating the ultimate motorcycling experience for anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take one for ride.


In mid 2019, the factory appointed Brisbane businessman, Mr Fred Drake as the official Importer and Distributor, for Australia and New Zealand.

A long time motorcycle enthusiast and passionate about motorcycles, Fred is also a successful business owner. Previously, Fred was a well respected motorcycle dealer and prominent member of the motorcycle industry.
Fred brings his expertise, experience and enthusiasm to the new venture and under his leadership, the Brough Superior brand is set to thrive once again.


The head office at will feature a showroom, sales office, with service centre.

Outside of Brisbane, we will be appointing the best available dealerships in key location, to conduct handover and operational instructions of the machine, as well as support the customer with warranty, service and OEM accessories.


All new Brough Superior street legal motorcycles come with a two year, unlimited kilometre, parts and labour warranty.

In addition, there is the availability of roadside assist and extended warranty.

Please refer to our website for full terms and conditions.


SS100   |   $105,000 (Euro 3)
SS100   |   $110,000
Pendine Sand Racer   |   $105,000
Anniversary   |   $168,000
AMB 001   |   $185,000


Brough Superior Australia welcome interested inquiries from potential owners, current owners, aspiring dealerships and the media.

6 / 281 Station Road, Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, QLD, 4105
+61 7 3846 9901

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