Lawrence’s Blade

Brough Superior’s modern range is being expanded for 2023 with a new roadster named Dagger, which takes the brand into a new dynamic while retaining its traditional extreme build quality.

After the Lawrence released in 2020 and the Nefud which appeared in 2021, the new roadster also refers to the legendary character of Lawrence of Arabia. This was the weapon worn on his belt (janbiya in Arabic) that Lawrence was given in 1917 after the capture of Aqaba, the climax of the Arab Revolt that made him world famous. Symbolically, the dagger, which belonged to a collector far from Britain, returned to the National Army Museum in London just as the Brough Superior brand began its modern era.

Reflecting the British treasure, the Dagger appears as a sharp, subtly textured roadster, with a satin finish reflecting the care taken to finish it at the Saint-jean factory near Toulouse. The 1000cc twin-cylinder engine was designed and assembled there, with increased power and torque and now fulfilling Euro 5 standards.

The two-in-one exhaust system with an exhaust valve was also designed to match the Dagger’s muscular and slender lines, with sharp edges that refer to the famous Lawrence blade. The prominent radiator, as on the Aston Martin AMB-001 developed by Brough Superior, completes the feeling of power emanating from these new volumes.

With this beauty called Dagger, Brough Superior achieved a bike more incisive than ever, thanks to a geometry that allows for more liveliness with more curved handlebars and 17 x 17 wheels, the first time this has been done on a modern Brough Superior. The classic range (S.S. 100, Anniversary) uses 18 x 18 wheels, while the other machines in the modern range, the Lawrence and the Nefud, adopt a 19″ wheel at the front and 17 at the rear for a mixed ride.

As fiery and impetuous as Lawrence’s campaigns, the Dagger is a major part of the Brough Superior adventure.

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