Ultimate: SS100 & Lawrence Limited Edition Motorcycles

When Brough Superior’s craftsmanship borders on masterpiece, it results in the limited series Ultimate. Drawing from the experience gained in machining the new engine cases for Aston Martin motorcycles, Brough Superior Motorcycles decided to incorporate these exceptional mechanical parts into a series of motorcycles, with 19 units per model. In the classic range, it’s the iconic SS100 that has been chosen to house the exquisite 1000 twin-cylinder (exactly 997 cc) with aluminum blocks machined from solid thanks to the new 5-axis machining center running at full capacity at Brough Superior’s headquarters in Toulouse. 19 units will be manufactured in a numbered series, immediately recognizable by the silver band running along the sides of the tank. The same shiny reflections of the silver leaf placed under the varnish of the Lawrence, the second model designated to represent the Ultimate series, this time in Brough Superior’s modern range.

The Machined Engine

A true masterpiece, carved from two high-quality aluminum blocks, resulting in engine cases recognizable from afar.

The "Silver" Touch

A thin silver leaf identifies the Ultimate versions, reminiscent of the silver reflections and guilloché texture of the machined cases.

Limited Edition Series

The Ultimate series comprises 19 S.S.100 models and an equal number of Lawrence models, all numbered. Truly collectible pieces…

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